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How has Spidersweb.pl became the biggest technology blog in Poland?

Our extensive and continuous collaboration covers Web design, SEO, UX, advertising and promotional campaigns and various projects dedicated for Spidersweb’s clients. Additionally, we created 2 new websites for Spidersweb Group completely from scratch.

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Achieving 1 000 000, and then progressively 2 000 000 unique users monthly.

Spidersweb.pl has been among the top tech blogs in Poland ever since technology blogs started growing big and getting significant audience. But that was not enough. Knowing how skilful and knowledgable the editorial team is, the aim set by Spidersweb.pl for our agency was to achieve the undisputed leader position in the industry through a wide range of marketing and optimization activities.


    Constant Web Design & UX support
    SEO optimization
    Content optimization
    Consulting and workshops for the editorial team
    Day-to-day cooperation with the editorial team on content optimization
    Technical Support
    Cooperation with partners on dedicated, special projects
    Creation and management of 2 websites for Spidersweb Group: Bezprawnik.pl & Splay.pl

Spider's Web success story

Spidersweb.pl is one of the leading tech blogs in Poland, cooperating with number of prestigious brands including Microsoft, Sony, Philips, Samsung and many more. Our extensive cooperation covers many areas, including Spidersweb Group strategic advice, SEO & UX consulting, Web Design, Web Development, frequent content optimization and even sales support.

We performed and implemented product advertising campaigns at Spidersweb.pl for partners using HTML5, such as Technological Shopping Guide, Steve Jobs movie premiere ad campaign, Wiedzmin game interactive review and many more.

As a result of great satisfaction from our cooperation, Spidersweb Group entrusted us with designing and implementing from scratch two new blogs: Splay.pl - blog about lifestyle, music and movies, and Bezprawnik.pl- blog concerning legal matters. For all Spidersweb Group we also perform sales-related duties, including selling native and display advertisement and sponsored articles.

We also conduct regular trainings dedicated for Spidersweb.pl editorial team regarding how to writeGoogle-friendly content. As a result of the joint efforts, the website records almost 5 000 000 page views per month, and the number of unique users reaches 2 000 000. Efficient, comprehensive marketing, sales and technical support on all fronts allowed Spidersweb.pl to achieve a staggering 500% increase in terms of unique visitors over 4 years of cooperation and, most importantly, an absolute hegemony in an extremely competitive industry. And for us, Binarlink, great pride and satisfaction.

The birth of Splay.pl

Spidersweb.pl quickly spotted the growing popularity of music and movie industry in Poland. Thousands of users were missing a reliable source reviewing the broad film and music world. With the idea of hiring a bunch of talented journalists, the project looked very promising. Our agency was delegated the task of creating modern, fresh and user-friendly web design along with UX/UI project. Our team was also responsible for programming and marketing hype, to make sure that site would quickly get the right attention among film and music lovers.

Binar.link was responsible for graphic design, SEO, UX and programming of Splay.pl

The project kicked-off very well, achieving great numbers in terms of page views and unique users monthly. Splay has quickly became a valuable voice on movie and music news, getting users admiration for fair judgement, entertaining reviews and journalists' comprehensive knowledge. .Additionally, we constantly support Splay.pl with SEO trainings for the editorial team, and our cooperation involves even display campaign sales. That results in top positions in Google for many reviews of leading records.

Bezprawnik.pl - the begining

Whether we like it or not, law and its various application is involved in pretty much all aspects of our every day life. Many people are unaware on how to handle law-related situations, or even where to look for proper information. That is why Bezprawnik.pl has been brought to life by Spidersweb owners- to help regular citizens with legal issues and help them recognize there laws, but also to become a news and knowledge base for legal related matters.

As Spidersweb was very happy with our cooperation, they asked us to take care of the implementing the whole idea into life. We started from the scratch by creating a user-friendly web design and UX, yet distinctive and suitable for the seriousness of the topic. Having the design part completed, we did the programming and SEO part, getting the website ready to be launch. As a result of common efforts, Bezprawnik.pl has quickly became one of the leading law-related websites in Poland. We support the site with our SEO, UX and programming support, proudly contributing to a website which helps milions of Poles with there issues on a daily basis.

HTML5 - the definition of modernity

One of the area of our cooperation with Spidersweb.pl is creating interactive promotional campaigns for partners. We perform it using HTML5.

HTML5 is technologically advanced and provides effective visibility and exposure of content. It works directly in the browser without additional plug-ins HTML5 capabilities make the shares can be very efficient in terms of technology and at the same time truly effective and transparent to the reader.

In addition, HTML5 is also optimized for smartphones and tablets, what improves the speed and display on mobile devices. This markup language is a great solution not only in technological terms, but also provides great exposure and popularity , as shown by statistics - HTML5 articles generate 57% more entries than standard content .

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